Daniel A. Epstein
Director of Photography

Since graduating from Hampshire College in 1981 he has carved out a Freelance career doing many forms of Television Production.  His work has been featured on a diverse group of  Broadcast and Cable channels over the years. Many different genres including Serious docs, Sports, News, Cooking and Comedy programs.  Although his studies in the end gravitated towards  narrative film and video he now more consistently works in the documentary forms.  Started working with Director Producer Andrea Simon in 2006 on Bloomberg’s Muse show and has continued ever since.  Now a NY based  middle aged relatively non practicing Jew (who somehow  looks like his father, grandfather and mother) his lifelong interest in the history of the 20th century has intersected with his professional career in a most stimulating way. 

Arcadia Pictures
380 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10014