Elka Nikolova
Co-Producer / Editor

Elka Nikolova, co-producer and co-editor of ANGEL WAGENSTEIN: ART IS A WEAPON,” studied psychology in Bulgaria, and has worked in the NY film and TV industries since 2002. In 2001 she received a MA in Media Studies with focus on film from the New School, and soon after began working in the film industry as an art department coordinator on various productions. From 2003 to 2007 she worked as an assistant editor at Dateline NBC and the Today Show. While there she wrote and directed her documentary BINKA: TO TELL A STORY ABOUT SILENCE (2006), about one of the first women directors in Eastern Europe, Binka Zhelayzkova. Her son Philip was born in 2006, and she took some time to raise him, while researching and developing a two-part documentary about the fate of the Bulgarian and Northern Greek Jews during the Shoah. Part 1: THE ROAD TO AMERICA focuses on the role of the public in the survival of the Bulgarian Jews.  Part 2: THE DRESSMAKER deals with this theme through the story of one Sephardic family from New York.  

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